My very first iPhone had a crack in the screen, and I lived with it for about a year before I could replace it in contract. This happened after a fall of just a few feet. Since then, I’ve always been super-paranoid about my iPhone falling and cracking or breaking. My cases are very important me. I get one and I stick with it throughout the duration of having my phone. After trying out a few of the Cygnett cases, I don’t see them as anything but durable, and to make it even better, they’re very affordable.

This first case is Cygnett’s UrbanShield. It’s the silver aluminum version, but it also comes in a black aluminum and genuine carbon fibre. With my iPhone 5 in this case, I didn’t have many concerns for its safety. Along the sides is a durable rubber, and there are cutout areas on the bottom for the speakers and ports, the side for the volume switches, on the back for the camera, and the top for the on/off switch.

I worried with these cutouts, since the top and bottom ones span the length of the phone, but the case is thick enough that nothing reaches inside there but your fingers, while still being slim enough to match the design of the phone. It seems the only way it could be damaged if dropped is if it hits at just the right angle on the face at the very top or very bottom. The cost? $24.99

I also sampled two other Cygnett cases. One of them has a very similar design as the UrbanShield, the ICON, in the Tats Cru design. The Tats Cru have received worldwide fame for their mural art and have worked to change the perception of graffiti to an art form. This colorful case is made of a hard material, yet it’s uniquely soft to the touch and feels great in the hand. In fact, I can’t stop touching it. The ICON also comes in other art designs. The cost is $29.99

The final case I tried is the Vector. This one is in a purple color, but it also comes in black. This is the case that made me feel as if my iPhone 5 was being kept the safest. It’s a flexible rubber-type material and has a lip that comes up over the face of the phone itself on all four edges. The only cutouts are for the camera, the mute switch, and four at the bottom for the speakers and ports, The volume control and on/off buttons are kept covered. This makes them are a little harder to depress, but I know it’s safe. The back is a contoured design that is inspired by skyscrapers and stealth jets. It’s the cheapest of the cases I tried at just $18.99.

While I didn’t get a chance to try the WorkMate case, the following is a video showing how safe it keeps the iPhone 5. It’s also a reminder of what can happen to your phone without a durable case.

With prices like this you can easily pick up a few cases to fit your mood or usage. All of these cases come with a screen protector sheet as well, just to make sure the face of your phone is protected as well.

Cygnett carries cases for older iPhones as well, and other brands of phones too. They also carry iPad cases, other tablet cases, and other accessories. Everything in their catalog would make great holiday gifts!