It takes a lot to move a behemoth monster like Gangnam Style by PSY. Viral doesn't even begin to cover that song anymore. While it may have started as some crazy viral video out of Korea, it's gone one to epic proportions, sitting on top of the US iTunes Charts for the past few months. It's finally been knocked down one notch thanks to Over You, sung by Cassadee Pope on The Voice.

Cassadee has the benefit of being coached by Blake Shelton who wrote Over You, and his wife, Miranda Lambert, is the original singer of the song. Blake admitted he wrote the song after he lost his brother, and Cassadee admitted it made her think of her relationship with her great-grandfather. It definitely added a more haunting background to her performance.

For my money, the song that I deemed the best of the night, and worthy of knocking Gangnam Style down a notch would have been Nicholas David's version of Lean on Me. It was another moving performance, even bringing Cee Lo Green to tears as he talked about his father dying when he was young and being raised on Bill Withers' music.

It should be mentioned that one of the ways to vote on The Voice is downloading the song from iTunes, and that leads to more epic download numbers. If the song reaches the Top 10, it receives a voting bonus. While some people are downloading the songs because they want to hear it, others are downloading the songs to give their favorite artist a vote with the hopes they'll stay around on the show another week.

With The Voice performances this good, it will be interesting to see what they can do with chart-topping hits next week. With this news that the votes were responsible for knocking PSY's Gangnam Style down, and the thought that the final eight performers will have even better performances next week, it could be an exciting week on iTunes.