iPads are quite an investment, meaning you want to keep them safe. Just like the Cygnett iPhone 5 cases that were recently reviewed, the Cygnett iPads cases carry the same security. Having the chance to try a few of them out, I found myself even more impressed with them than I was with the iPhone 5 cases, if that is even at all possible.

Everyone uses their iPads in different ways, and for that reason, there needs to be different cases that support different functions. The cases I tried were in two basic styles for two very different ways to use the iPad.

The Alumni is a book-like case with an inside pocket to hold important papers for those times when you just can't go all digital. It has a tough canvas material on the outside for the people who put their iPad through a lot of wear and tear. A small magnetic button forces the iPad into sleep and wake states when it's opened and closed. I had no concerns lugging my iPad around in this case. Its only negative is not putting you in a great position to add a keyboard if you do a lot of typing and find the onscreen keyboard isn't enough. It comes in cobalt blue, pink, black, and jade green.

Once I tried the Lavish Earth Folio case with multi-view stand, I knew I'd found my case. Not only is it in a soft black leather-like material encasing all, to make it a completely beautiful and secure case, it features some great functionality for someone like me who is on my iPad all day long. It also has a magnetic book-like closure, but instead of having an interior pocket, it allows you to fold it into a stand in three separate positions. This allows you to then put a bluetooth keyboard in front of it if you're doing a lot of typing. It also comes in Sandstone, Purple, Glam Rock, and Glam Red, as well as an option that includes its own bluetooth keyboard if you don't already have your own.

Each of these cases keeps your iPad well-encased and safe. Previously I was using the Logitech case because I liked the keyboard. However, the iPad would flop out of its hold often, with me having to catch it just before it hits the ground every time. Additionally, this only covers the face of your iPad when it's closed, not the back. The Cygnett cases keep it protected on both sides when closed and has straps that hold it in securely on the four sides, yet also allow access to the ports and the buttons. Cygnett also offers iPad Mini cases.

I have already abandoned my Logitech case … well, not completely. I'm using an Apple wireless keyboard and also use the Logitech just for the bluetooth keyboard as well if the other keyboard is charging. It keeps my iPad sturdy and in place, whether I am working on a flat surface or whether I have it propped up on my lap while I work in my chair. It's secure, it's functional in all ways I need, and on top of all that, it looks great.