I have been an avid The Walking Dead fan ever since I forced myself to catch it on iTunes. There was just so much hype, and although I am not really the biggest T.V. watcher out there, I have to admit, that this show completely lives up to its praise. It’s not just a “horror show” (which I am a big fan of anyway) but is a drama. And for anyone who has yet to see it, it’s a powerful and emotional journey about a group of individuals who are forced to band together during a time of extreme struggle.

Clashing personalities, the constant threat of death, and the eternal human struggle for survival all culminate into a storyline that is both action-packed and superbly intelligent. It’s the type of well-written expedition that will have you falling in love with character personas and constantly on the edge of your seat. Those of you who religiously tune in every Sunday night know exactly what I’m talking about, and I guarantee you’re chomping at the bit for the show to enter its third season this Sunday, October 14th. And if you’re curious like me, then you’ve been scouring the internet for any teasers you can possibly get your hands on.

Season 3 features some new faces, some friendly, some not so much. As Rick and the gang attempt to locate a suitable safe house they come across a even greater threat to their survival than the undead. This season revolves around the group discovering that a post-apocalyptic world is not just full of monstrous threats, but also a slew of political-minded survivors who are bent on shaping the perfect community. It seems that as time has progressed, and humans have started to question how to rebuild society, which ends up causing more harm than good in the desolate Georgia countryside.

Fans of the comic book will also be excited to see the introduction of Michionne (Diana Gurira) into the television storyline. The buxom zombie huntress (and her two zombie pets) apparently meets up with the rest of the troupe later this season. But for the start of season 3, she is already paired with Andrea (Laurie Holden), as we saw in the end of season 2.

But before you sit down to watch the season premiere, watch all the episodes you maybe missed on iTunes. Those of you who have yet to discover the splendor that is “The Walking Dead” can get caught up too. You can grab both Season 1 and Season 2 on iTunes to help you prepare for the wild ride beginning this Sunday. You can practically blaze through Season 1, which only contains six total episodes (each out an hour, excluding the first which is over two hours). However, the second season will take you a a while with over 20 episodes. And if you want, grab the season pass for season three.

Chris Hardwick also returns this season to host “The Talking Dead” right after each consecutive new episode. As showcased last year, this sit-down features the host discussing the “just played” episode with the stars themselves. The Talking Dead also features upcoming previews, sneak peaks, and viewer questions. The most recent episode, which came after The Walking Dead season 2 finale, attracted 4.3 million viewers.

Check out the official season three trailer below! (WARNING: Graphic Content May Not Be Suitable for All Viewers):

Picture Source: Frank Ockenfels/AMC