10 Apple Arcade games you need to play Our favorites that you've got to give a go...


Just got your hands on an Apple Arcade subscription? Here are ten games you need to play.


If you’re a fan of (metaphorically) blasting off into space to defeat enemies, then you’ll love Spaceland. This turn-based strategy title was inspired by the classic board game Space Hulk but sports a more graphically-updated style that works for modern gaming. Though this is a single-player game, it’s fun for the whole family to experience live in front of the TV, as you’ll choose from a bunch of heroic space characters as you investigate an abandoned colony that’s packed with aliens and enemies, which you must shoot, kick, and generate your way through. Although we recommend a touchscreen, this game also supports controllers like the SteelSeries Nimbus and DualShock 4, which adds a new element of control and immersion. 


PAC-MAN Party Royale

Mobile games have come a long way since PAC-MAN, but the iconic brand still proves to be incredibly popular on the App Store, with the 8-Bit retro classic title regularly topping the App Store charts. Party Royale, available exclusively on Apple Arcade, is a multiplayer classic that pits four PAC-MEN against each other in a fight that will result in death. If you’re caught by the non-player ghost or another PAC-MAN, you’ll morph into a ghost to sabotage your fellow players. Keep an eye on the dots; the more of those you eat, the faster you’ll move, giving you an advantage and accelerating the game. If you’re on your own, then you can play against robots under the QuickStart option – or find some friends and swap party codes.



Assemble with Care


One of the early favorites when Apple Arcade launched was Assemble with Care, which is the brainchild behind the ustwo games studio, who’ve made games such as Whale Trail and Monument Valley. In ‘Care’, you’ll play as Maria, a restorer of antiques who’s on a working holiday. This storytelling experience will see you get to grips with the inhabitants of Bellariva, repairing their treasured possessions and uncovering mysteries and memories on the way. This is a one-time experience; once you’ve delved into the history of characters and solved puzzles, you won’t want to go back to it, but it’s worth a playthrough, especially on the Mac.



Sayonara Wild Hearts

Apple singled-out Sayonara Wild Hearts as its Apple Arcade Game of the Year in 2019, and it’s clear to see why. Developed by Simogo, this dreamy game is centered around motorcycles, skateboarding, dance battling, shooting lasers, wielding swords, and even breaking hearts at 200 miles per hour. With a stunning custom score and impressive graphics, this game is not one to be missed; the fact it’s now also available on Nintendo Switch says it all



Lego Builder’s Journey


If you ever wanted to play LEGO inside of your iPhone, you’re in luck. Builder’s Journey lets you move and rotate some of Lego’s most iconic bricks into the right places so that you can build structures, create paths, and take your character through a journey. This is a laid-back, low-effort game that you can enjoy with the kids, with a soothing soundtrack and puzzles that aren’t overcomplicated. What really makes this game stand out is its sound effects; once you have found the right brick and selected its location, there’s a satisfying and familiar “click”.



Super Impossible Road

Back to the highway now, this time for Super Impossible Road. This futuristic racing game is a firm favorite, and the only way that you can win is by taking some nail-biting shortcuts. Oh, and don’t expect tarmac; on SIR, you’ll be racing through the skies on roller-coaster tracks where metal balls and other obstacles will step in your way. Unlike Lego Builder’s Journey, this game requires skill, patience, and focus. At first, it really may feel impossible; for casual gamers, ‘Road’ is frustrating, but you’ll soon pick up the pace and come out in first place.



Card of Darkness

There might be thousands of card games on the App Store, but none hit like Card of Darkness. This game takes players through a series of cards, with each level working on a four by four grid. Your goal is to cut a path to the stairwell, depleting the cards as you go. It does require some skill and practice, but once you understand the basics of each card and their strength and value, you’ll quickly work your way through the levels and find success.



Murder Mystery Machine

If Cluedo is a constant in your own Family Games Night, then the Murder Mystery Machine will go down a treat. Once you’ve played through the introduction, you’ll be first on the scene and have to collect evidence and put two and two together to work out the killer. The game’s narrative and mechanics are truly rewarding – yes, the controls are a little unusual and at times frustrating, but they’re worth the pain for the pay-off once you’ve solved each mystery. 



Rayman Mini

Developed by Unisoft, Rayman Mini is a runner platforming game designed for the whole family. Your character is shrunk to the size of an ant, and you’ll need to buddy up with plants, mushrooms, and insects to work your way through a rich natural landscape, encountering trees, nests, rivers, and more across almost 50 levels. The best part? With lots of Easter eggs and hidden treats, you can play through each level dozens of times before it gets stale.



What The Golf?

You don’t need to be a fan of golf to enjoy this unusually-named puzzler, which requires you to get an object – whether that’s a slice of pizza or a cat – into a hole. Perhaps one of the most redeeming features of this title is that it’s packed with outlandish and unexpected level designs and mechanics, and though it’s certainly not for everyone, it’s popular amongst kids, and once you’ve powered through the first few challenges, you’ll struggle to close the app!

Which of these games is your favorite? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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