10 Creative Ways to Get Real Custom Instagram Comments


Increasing your real Instagram comments will increase your visibility and your following. For Instagram success, you need to have a great strategy to get real custom Instagram comments that will grow your following. Follow these creative ways to increase your Instagram custom comments.  

When scrolling through your Instagram feed or the Explore page, you will notice that certain posts have tons of comments from users. The fact that those posts are especially visible on the platform reflects just how the Instagram algorithm prioritizes content with high levels of engagement.

It was reported that the successful fashion brand Shein received a whopping 914,000 comments as of the first half of 2022 on its Instagram account. 

With such high user engagement, it’s no wonder that Shein has a massive Instagram following and is extremely successful on Instagram.

You may be wondering how you can get more real custom Instagram comments on your content. One option is to buy custom Instagram comments to boost and attract more user engagement with your content.

Importance of real Instagram custom comments

Content used to appear in your Instagram feed and on the Explore page in chronological order. A shortcoming of this was that many posts, including popular posts, were unseen by users who didn’t log in to Instagram regularly. Posts would fall behind newer content being posted continuously.

To solve this issue, the Instagram algorithm was adjusted to prioritize content with high levels of engagement. This effectively makes high-quality and popular content more visible on the platform.

Engagement metrics considered by the Instagram algorithm include comments, followers, likes, shares, and views. That’s why getting many comments on your posts is important. Keep in mind that the quality of comments is also considered. 

Many poor-quality, bot, or spam comments could be detrimental to the success of your Instagram account. It can result in a loss of followers, decreased visibility, and even a blocked account.   

Instagram comments allow you to:

  • Engage and connect with your followers
  • Attract potential customers
  • Prove your authenticity
  • Build trust and brand loyalty
  • Gain insight into what content your followers relate to

Here are 10 creative ways to get real custom Instagram comments on your content:

Host an Instagram takeover

It might sound risky having someone “take over” your Instagram account for a short while, but if done correctly, you’ll be surprised how effective fun takeovers are to wrack up real comments. 

An Instagram takeover is where another Instagram user takes over your account, usually for a day. They post on your account about you or your business from their perspective. 

Takeovers are usually run by collaborators, colleagues, influencers, or other organizations in your niche industry. Takeovers can be creative, fun, and light-hearted.

Host contests

Host contests and giveaways on Instagram that require users to comment on the post to stand a chance to win. This attracts a lot of user engagement and real comments. 

Commenting on a contest or giveaway post takes little effort, and who doesn’t love a chance to win free stuff? However, to attract attention, your prizes should still be worthwhile. 

Remember to follow up with a “winner” post to build trust with your followers. Be creative. For example, ask users to comment on which of your products they like the best to stand a chance to win.     

Post entertaining videos

Instagram Reels are popular and trending. There’s no denying that creative short video clips are more entertaining than still-life posts. Reels reach a wider audience quickly, and they definitely get a higher level of user engagement than image posts, including more real comments. 

Remember that your Reels and videos still need to be entertaining or intriguing, even educational. You should post Reels that add value in some form to users. 

Encourage users to comment on your Reels in your captions. Examples of Reels that attract tons of real custom Instagram comments are sneak-peek, tutorials, products, bloopers, and behind-the-scenes videos.

Post humorous or surprising content

You should post interesting, humorous, or surprising content often on your Instagram account. This type of content evokes strong emotion in users who view the posts, motivating them to comment. 

Don’t be scared to post funny memes. Memes are trending. Content with a positive “shock factor” attracts many comments.

Buy custom comments on Instagram

Another creative way to get real custom Instagram comments is to buy Instagram custom comments from reputable service providers and websites. 

Buying instant real Instagram comments will boost the engagement rate of your posts, which will encourage more followers and users to comment on your posts. 

When you buy custom IG comments, you should choose a trusted service provider which only delivers high-quality comments to your posts derived from real active Instagram accounts. 

We recommend that you buy real custom Instagram comments from skweezer.net website. What’s great about Skweezer’s offering is that you can get creative and write your own comments for posts delivered directly to your posts from real Instagram accounts. 

With this service, you also buy real USA Instagram comments and buy Instagram comments UK based, meaning the comments are derived from real USA and UK commenters. These locations have large Instagram audiences, which could really help to promote your business and attract potential customers on Instagram.

 Even more, you should buy USA Instagram comments as the US has the second-highest number of Instagram users globally.

Respond promptly to comments

You should respond promptly to all comments you receive on your posts (including bought comments). This proves your authenticity, and your followers will feel acknowledged and valued. 

Your account’s popularity will also increase when you actively respond to comments. Responding to comments also opens up the opportunity for conversation threads with users. 

When responding to comments, use it as a chance to convert commenters into customers potentially. Be creative in your responses. Users appreciate humorous, informative, thankful, thoughtful, witty, and personal-touch responses. 

Don’t be scared to use emojis, either. And be helpful and understanding when responding to negative comments.

Use relevant/trending hashtags

It’s easy to use relevant and trending hashtags. If you’re not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to extend the reach of your content. Using popular hashtags and trending niche hashtags will drive organic traffic to your profile, and you will get more comments. 

When you include popular or niche hashtags in your posts, your posts will appear in user searches under those hashtags, and perhaps even on the Explore page. 

Keep your hashtags relevant. Get creative and use popular and trending events, holidays, or niche hashtags like #Friyay, #HappyEaster, and #LegDay.     

Encourage engagement with Q&A and cue posts

Use Q&A and cue posts to encourage your followers and users to comment on your posts. Get creative with your questions in your posts to attract a lot of interest from users to answer in the comments section.

You can even ask users to comment with questions that they’d like you to answer or to use in an upcoming interview.

Cue posts are great as you can introduce any topic and ask your followers and users to “comment” with their advice, information, and thoughts on your post. Post “fill in the blank” and “finish the sentence” prompts as they are fun and engaging.

Post content with faces

Posts featuring animals and human faces have been shown to attract a lot of engagement on Instagram. Post creative selfies or group shots with collaborators, colleagues, family, and friends. 

Show the human side of your brand or business. Users feel more connected to content showing human faces, and this draws many comments. And who doesn’t like posts of cute or interesting animals? Posts of pets doing different activities are trending. 

Share user-generated content

To connect with your followers and build trust and brand loyalty, you should leverage user-generated content. Remember to get permission from the content creator before sharing this content on your account. 

You can creatively edit user-generated content to share on your account. Share the content of users actually using your products or services and their good reviews. You’ll be amazed at how fast comments pop in and new customers.

Your brand or business will benefit from gaining a lot of real Instagram comments on your content. Be creative and actively encourage users to comment on your content. You’ll definitely see the IG comments roll in! 

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