10 things you probably didn’t know about Apple

Apple is one of the world’s most innovative and iconic technology companies, with its logo now a mainstay in everyday life. But the chances are, you don’t have encyclopedic knowledge on the Cupertino company.

Below, we’ve put together ten interesting things you probably didn’t know about Apple…

You can’t smoke near a Mac

Well, you can, but you’ll void your AppleCare warranty. Apple has refused to repair computers in the past if they were found to have tar residue inside of them, as Apple says it is a “biohazard” to its staff. If you do smoke, keep well away from your iPhone and Mac, or if something goes wrong, you might not get a free replacement so easily.

Employees work on fake projects

It seems like there’s a rumor about the latest iPhone or MacBook every day, and though it’s mostly good publicity for Apple, it’s a shame when big information leaks ahead of its unveiling. Apple goes so far as to enlist employees to work on fake projects from time to time, so if the information on those project leaks, it’ll work out who it can and cannot trust. In 2018, the company warned it would have employees arrested if they leaked information.

It’s always 9.41 am

The eagle-eyed amongst you will know that Apple’s iPhone always displays the time as 9.41 am, whether in commercials or online in screenshots. Why? The first iPhone was unveiled to the world on January 9th, 2007 at 9.41 am, and it’s now a tradition for this time to be used whenever revealing new Apple or iOS-related materials.

More than half of apps are rejected

Developing an app is expensive and time-consuming. In fact, research shows that the average app costs between $10,000 and $100,000, and that’s without its ongoing maintenance and development. Apple has high standards for its App Store, and as such, more than half of all apps are rejected; 60% never make it to public release.

Apple owns rounded corners

Want to create your own technology product with rounded corners? Good luck with that. Apple has patented electronic devices with rounded corners in the United States, so if you see another product with a rounded corner, the chances are they’re infringing on Apple’s intellectual property, or they’ve paid the company for the privilege.

Apple created the first mouse

We all use mice and trackpads to browse the web every day, but did you know that it was Apple who invented both with the launch of its original Mac machines? Sure, they look different than they did, but the concept remains the same. Imagine how different the world would be if we were still using a trackpad to scroll up and down!?

Steve Jobs gave every Apple employee an iPhone

When the first iPhone was unveiled, Steve Jobs awarded every employee – from senior executive to a shop-floor employee working at an Apple Retail Store – a shiny new iPhone, so they could experience it first-hand. Original iPhones now sell for thousands of dollars on eBay if in good condition – a worthy gift from the departed CEO.

Macs last six years

Though Apple certainly doesn’t put a timeframe or expiry date on its macOS devices, research shows that they last, on average, for six years. Windows PCs, on the other hand, last for around four years before they start running into technical difficulties and need to be fixed or replaced. Another reason to move to the Mac!

Steve Jobs bought Pixar for $10 million

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs bought Pixar from George Lucas for $10 million – and sold it to Disney for $7.6 billion. That’s a pretty impressive investment if we do say so ourselves!

Steve Jobs owned 100 black turtle necks

It seemed like Steve Jobs only wore black, long-sleeved turtle neck jumpers. Don’t worry, though, he didn’t have to wash the same one every evening: he reportedly had more than 100 of the same style in his wardrobe.

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