123 new emojis arrive with Apple’s iOS 15.4 update

Emojis on iOS 15.4 cropped

iPhone users have something else to smile about with the Monday update to iOS 15.4, in the form of a whopping 123 new emoji designs being added to the existing formidable catalog of symbols.

Highlights of the new complement of emojis – which will also be available for use in iPad OS 15.4 and Apple’s other updated operating systems – include a “Troll”, “Melting Face”, and the controversial “Pregnant Man”. Included among the 123 debuting designs are all 112 smileys to which the Unicode Consortium granted approval for inclusion in Emoji 14.0, back in September. More images of the new emoji designs can be found at Emojipedia.

It has been reported, in fact, that there haven’t been this many new smiley emojis incorporated into an Apple update since iOS 11.1.

Sure to attract particular comment will be the two gender-neutral person emojis, “Person with Crown” and “Pregnant Person”, the latter accompanying “Pregnant Man”.

But there are also some other intriguing – albeit much easier to miss – inclusions in the batch. Those include seven new gesture emojis, encompassing the likes of “Leftwards Hand”, “Rightwards Hand”, and “Index Pointing at the Viewer”, not to mention a “Biting Lip” emoji in the Body Parts category. Or what about such other new options as “Identity Card”, “Playground Buoy”, and “Empty Nest”?

You get the idea. There will be a lot of fresh emoji action to immerse yourself in, once you have added the newcomers to the software keyboard in your messaging apps – as you can do simply by installing the iOS 15.4 update.

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