2019 iPhones will support the Apple Pencil

Apple’s new iPhones will support the Apple Pencil for the first time, according to reports.

Predictions from Citi Research (as told to Business Insider) suggest that Apple will add support for a pencil or stylus on iPhones released this year, a rumor that we’ve yet to hear of.

Last year, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple could add support for its Pencil on the iPhone, but that it would only be a “possibility”, and did not give a timeline of the integration.

However, Kuo has made no mention of Apple Pencil support in any of his research notes releases since, suggesting that Apple had changed its mind or gone quiet on Pencil support.

When he last mentioned the potential of Apple Pencil support, he said it would depend on whether Apple would release a larger iPhone, though it’s unlikely the company would now release anything bigger than the iPhone XS Max (or its successors in the coming years).

Korean-language technology website The Investor, which has a mixed track record when it comes to accuracy, previously reported that Apple would release a standalone stylus for the iPhone this year, that would be separate from the Apple Pencil and work only on new iPhones.

Should Apple introduce Apple Pencil support for the 2019 iPhone, it could be a major new feature on the device, especially for those with Max devices which have larger screen real estates akin to some small tablets, increasing productivity and enabling new innovations.

Last year, several reports suggested Apple Pencil would be supported by 2018 iPhones, but that did not turn out to be true.

However, with Apple expanding the compatibility of its Apple Pencil to the whole iPad lineup, including the new iPad Air and 7.9-inch iPad mini, there’s no reason why Apple wouldn’t introduce support on the iPhone range for the first time.

Apple’s new iPhones are expected to follow in a similar pattern to 2018’s lineup, with a new XS, XS Max, and XR.

The devices are also expected to keep the same chassis, with the exception of new camera setups and frosted glass backing for the first time.

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