25% of all iPhones will be made in India by 2025

Apple is reportedly planning to move a quater of its iPhone production to India by 2025.

According to JP Morgan analysts, company reportedly wants to diversify its supply chains to avoid future disruption, brought on by a number of supply chain issues in China with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right now, the company produces a number of smartphones in India, including the iPhone 13, but the vast majority of products are made in China. By the end of this year, it’s thought that as much as 5% of all iPhones will be made in China, and within three years, we’ll see 25% of all phones made there.

It’s also thought that Apple will move 25% of its otehr product lines to India, such as the Apple Watch, Mac, and AirPods by the same period, representing a significant investment in local production.

Foxconn, one of Apple’s biggest suppliers, has been ramping up investment in India in recent years with new infrastructure and factories, and the firm will begin production on the iPhone 14 there soon.

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