3 best ways to backup your computer

we all lose data at some point as the hard drive of your computer could fail tomorrow, a software bug could delete the important folders and files, or ransomware could hostage your files. And if you are not regularly backing up your data, you can lose your data forever. 

This is where backups help you. Backing up your data is not confusing or hard. Today you have countless backup methods, and choosing one that is right and easy for you and your system can be a little confusing. But you don’t need to be worried. read this comprehensive article to find out which method is easy and secure for backups.

Backup is all about your personal data

Let’s start with the simplest and obvious why backup? The first thing you need to understand is that you can lose your important documents and files from your computer any time this is where backups help get back your personal and important files. If your computer’s hard drive fails, you can always download a program and reinstall the operating system without losing your data. 

Any personal file, home videos, documents, photos, or any other kind of data should be backed up on a regular basis. For instance, you have spent hours creating a file or install any CD or DVD backups that save you from doing all that work over again as you can get back these files from backups if in case you have lost them. Your programs, operating system, and other settings can also be backed up.

1. Methods to back up your data 

There are many methods to backup your files and folders, from using a remote server over the internet to using external drives. Following are the weaknesses and strengthens of each method: 

Using an External Drive: when one uses an external drive for backup, the user can back up that drive using the system’s built-in feature of backup. On Windows 8 and 10, you need to use file history. On Windows 7, use Windows Backup, and when you are using Macs, use Time Machine. Using the external drive method is fast and cheap.

2. Backing up over the internet 

If you want to keep your data secure and safe, you should opt for this method. When you choose this method, you will find many options. There are many websites on the internet that provide valuable services for data backup. The online backup method protects you from losing your data through a natural disaster, theft, or hard drive failure. For an online backup method, you will have to invest money in it. Different online companies charge differently. So you can go for the one that provides enough and satisfactory service at an affordable rate.

3. Cloud storage service 

Today more people are using this method to keep data secure. Though it is not a backup method, it almost serves similarly. Rather than saving your data on the computer, you can store files on OneDrive, Dropbox, Microsoft, Google Drive, or you can use a cloud storage service. This method is fast, easy, and free since you are using it online.

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