$3 Trillion: Apple Remains A ‘Buy’ for Next 3-5 Years, Says Oppenheimer’s Yang Apple Inc. continues to make history as it remains the only company to have ever achieved a market capitalization of $3 trillion - a feat it has once again accomplished.

This monumental valuation milestone – after Apple earlier briefly surpassed the $3 trillion mark in January 2022 – adds a significant notch to the tech giant’s belt. Indeed, according to Oppenheimer’s Senior Analyst, Martin Yang, it makes Apple an even more attractive investment over the next 3-5 years.

Yang made these bullish remarks during his recent appearance on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, where he discussed Apple’s ongoing growth, its robust service revenue, and the potential risks to the company’s continued expansion.

Yang’s unwavering confidence in Apple’s long-term investment prospects stems from the company’s impressive earnings power. With its recent achievement of a $3 trillion market cap, Apple reaffirmed its dominant position in the global technology industry and its continued potential for significant growth.

According to Yang, the key driver of Apple’s historic market valuation is its diversified revenue streams, including its booming service division. The company’s services, which encompass everything from App Store transactions and Apple Music subscriptions to iCloud storage fees and Apple Care warranties, have become an integral part of Apple’s revenue structure. This steady, recurring service revenue acts as a cushion against the cyclical nature of Apple’s product sales and contributes significantly to its sustained earnings power.

The recent ascension to a $3 trillion market cap is not an endpoint, Yang believes. Instead, he predicts that Apple’s market valuation will keep its upward trajectory in the coming years. His optimism is rooted in Apple’s relentless pursuit of innovation, its widespread global presence, and its capacity to consistently generate high profits.

Nonetheless, Yang acknowledges the potential risks that could impede Apple’s growth. Market saturation, increased regulatory scrutiny, and the vagaries of global economic conditions are among the challenges that could confront the tech behemoth.

However, he remains confident in Apple’s robust financial health and extensive customer base, as well as the adept company management’s ability to navigate these issues, ensuring sustained growth.

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