3 Ways To View Apple’s Oct 23 Keynote

If you didn’t get a chance to see the keynote Tuesday, you were probably pretty bummed. It’s one thing to read about the unveilings in the news, but it’s a completely different experience to see and hear all of the passionate emotes from Tim Cook and company. The way they reveal their products is exciting and incredibly fun to watch. The good news is, you can catch the most recent October 23rd iPad Mini keynote on Apple’s company website.

But what if you don’t have time to sit through an hour-and-a-half event? Well luckily for you, there have already been a couple “condensed” keynotes created. This will give you all the visuals and audibles of the actual event but in a much faster and more condensed form.

This first video is direct from  Todaysiphone.com, and comes in at a little under four minutes long. This hyper condensed version will give you all of the information, visuals, and prominent quotes that came from the keynote. All of the anecdotes and conversational pieces were cut here, leaving a little package filled with a mass of release information.

The second video is from Cult Of Mac and moves along at an astonishingly quick pace, maxing out at only 90 seconds in length. This video, which is more of a satirical piece, gives you insight into the impressive numbers that Apple posted for devices in 2012 and will have you laughing a bit at how well it flows even while condensed. There was some masterful editing put into place here, and I really applaud the end result.

Of course, if you don’t want a hyper condensed event and want a little more depth and opinion about the keynote, then be sure to check out all the recent articles here at AppleMagazine!

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