iPad mini 5 set for release, so what can we expect?

Recent reports have suggested that the new iPad mini 5 may not be as exciting as previous releases. In fact, it’s likely that the new model will appear exactly like the iPad mini 4 but instead will be marketed as a lower cost product.

Macotakara claim that informed accessory manufacturers indicate the new iPad mini will almost replicate the design of the mini 4. This echoes reports that the latest model will be aimed at a lower cost market segment, hinting that the new Mini will be rather old.

As well retaining almost exactly the same design, seemingly keeping the Lightning connector, 3.5mm headphone jack and Touch ID feature, the bezels will also remain the same, though the overall dimensions may change. However, any alterations will be ever so slight. Much like the sixth-generation 9.7-inch iPad, the rear microphone will be shifted to the centre.

It could be argued that the market is ready for a new Mini as the 4 was released almost four years ago now and still retails today. A 128 GB device with an A8 processor is going to set you back around $399 configuration. It is expected that the Mini 5 will house an A10 chip, though whether it is the normal version or the huskier A10X form used in the 2017 iPad Pro.

Whilst everyone expects the Mini’s price to fall, by just how much remains unclear.


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