3D Telegram: Platform Unveils Vision Pro App with Enhanced AR Features Telegram is set to launch a new visionOS app, offering an enhanced experience for Apple Vision Pro users.

3D Telegram | Apple Vision Pro
3D Telegram | Apple Vision Pro

Telegram, a widely-used messaging platform, is expanding its reach to Apple Vision Pro users with an upcoming visionOS app. This development was revealed through a teaser by Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov. The app, designed in line with visionOS’s aesthetics, features a translucent interface providing a depth-filled user experience on Vision Pro.

The visionOS version of Telegram introduces a unique sidebar for easy access to contacts, calls, chats, and settings, diverging from the traditional tab bar approach. This app promises to retain all familiar Telegram features available on iOS, including media sharing, audio messages, and the newly added Stories function.

A standout feature in the teaser is the immersive video player and the dynamic augmented reality (AR) stickers that expand beyond the app’s window, offering an engaging visual experience. Users can interact with the app using Siri dictation or the system’s virtual keyboard.

While detailed information about the app is limited, its development is timely, considering the anticipated early 2024 release of Vision Pro in the U.S. market. Developers currently have access to the visionOS SDK, enabling them to create applications for the new hardware. Ahead of its official debut, select developers have been invited to test Vision Pro.

The current version of Telegram for iOS remains accessible and free on the App Store.

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