4-Inch “iPhone 6C” with Metal Casing to Launch Next Month?

Apple could be getting ready to unveil a 4-inch “iPhone 6C” as soon as next month, judging from successive rumors and a new report from China citing “Foxconn insiders” and other sources.

So, what can we expect the iPhone 6C to be like? Like its predecessor, the iPhone 5C announced in 2013, the new handset should have a 4-inch display and a metal body in place of the previous phone’s plastic casing, according to the Chinese report referred to by G For Games.

Intriguingly, though 3D Touch is expected to be omitted, a Touch ID sensor reportedly could be included, which would allow compatibility with the mobile payments service Apple Pay.

Reports of an “iPhone 6C” have become sufficiently persistent to cement belief that the Cupertino firm is indeed close to announcing a follow-up to the iPhone 5C. The new report suggests that, after the January reveal, the new handset could go on sale in February.

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