4K Smartphone Screen Announced by Sharp

Japanese tech company Sharp say they have created the first smartphone screen able to show 4K images. The screen features a resolution of 806 pixels per inch, a significant improvement of the 577ppi offered by the Samsung S6.

Though the higher resolutions are, the more impressive images and text may appear, experts say that there are limits to what is possible. Some industry professionals say that most people will struggle to tell the difference between 2K and 4K. 4K offers 4x the resolution of 1080p HD. Sharp have effectively broken their own record for smartphone screen resolution, having introduced a 736ppi 4.1 inch display last year.

4K is being marketed as perfect for large television screens as well as cinemas. However, high resolutions can dramatically shorten battery life. Nonetheless, Sharp says that the Igzo tech it is using is more energy-efficient than the LCD screens based on silicon usually found in smartphones and tablets.

Rumors suggest that Sharp is planning to make their new displays available to the manufacturers it works with next year. An 8K video camera has just been launched by manufacturer RED, though it does come with a price tag of $59,000.