5 AI-Generated Spring Images That Look Like They Were Captured by a Camera Have you ever been working on a creative project and had a specific image in mind, only to find it doesn’t exist online? You could use a simple prompt to create an image that precisely fits your requirements with zero design experience.

That’s where AI-generated images come in.

Whether you work in art, graphic design, or marketing, you’ll have seen the rise in popularity of AI-generated images – images created entirely with prompts by artificial intelligence. A prompt is a phrase you use to describe the image you want to create.

You might, for example, type ‘elephant reading a book’ into an AI image generator.

While no such image would exist from photography (elephants are smart – they’re not that smart), an AI image generator can create the AI-generated image from text alone. Et Voilà! You’ve got an elephant reading Shakespeare.

Artificial intelligence algorithms detect patterns in images and captions and use machine learning to predict which captions and pictures work well together. The AI tool then reverses the process by creating brand new images from the captions, AKA prompts, it’s given.

Wepik input five prompts into its AI image generator to create AI-generated images from a text that celebrates the arrival of spring. Here are the results.

But first, check how to write a good prompt!

How to Write a Good Prompt

When writing a good prompt, the more specific you are, the better chance the software has of creating AI-generated images you’re happy with.

According to Wepik, you should aim to include a phrase of at least three words, including a noun, and ‘the more adjectives, the better. If you want to stress the importance of a particular detail, add an exclamation mark after the word/phrase.

As well as outlining what you want to see in the image, be clear about the style you want.

“Crafting a creative prompt is an art — but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. When it comes to creating something out of thin air, your concept should be the foundation. Figuring out what you want to focus on—whether that’s a time period, like the 1930s or an avant-garde style of fashion —is key for envisioning creative scenarios and getting to work. Then it’s easy to come up with prompts – adding content, tweaking lighting, colors, and trying out styles and details until the desired result is achieved. Inspiration always comes in handy, so checking out artworks from around the world is highly recommended – some hidden gems are waiting to be uncovered. Once you put together all these details, you’ve got yourself a masterpiece!” – Melisa Diago, AI Artist at Wepik

Should it be a close-up, portrait, or landscape? Do you want the colors to be warm, cool, or black and white? Do you want it to be super-realistic or look like film photography?

The more information you feed your AI image generator, the better chance you’ll have of finding something that fits your requirements exactly. If the results aren’t as you would have liked, Wepik’s AI image generator lets you try again with the same prompts.

If you’re looking for photos that don’t require an AI image generator from text, look instead for spring images on sites like Freepik.

5 Realistic AI-Generated Images From Text

Super Realistic Bee

Prompt: A bee on a flower, 8k, very realistic illustration, cinematic lighting.

Here, the AI image generator has used the prompt to create a super realistic spring image of a bee on a flower with the requested cinematic lighting.

At first glance, this image looks like it easily could have been captured by a camera, thanks to the close-up shot of the bee showing details such as its delicate wings and furry body.

The effect of the out-of-focus flower gives the image a professional photography look, while the bright colors evoke a sense of spring you’ll want to use in your seasonal campaigns.

Warm Misty Morning

Prompt: A misty morning sunrise reflecting on a brook, 8k.

If you’re searching for a spring image that looks just as realistic as one taken with a professional camera, this misty morning AI-generated masterpiece does the trick.

With photo-realistic nature scenes and a hazy effect that gives the image a unique look, this attractive image would make the perfect addition to any spring campaign.

Dogs Playing in a Field

Prompt: A very tender medium shot of two Merle border collie puppies playing around in a green field with flowers, 8k, cinematic, ultra-detailed.

This incredibly realistic image of two adorable border collies playing is ideal for any spring marketing campaign.

Featuring fur and other sharp physical details, they make the image look like it was captured with a camera. The bright colors and flowers communicate a happy, springtime message.

The best part? The image cleverly uses focus to show the dogs in detail, but the grass and flowers out-of-focus are evocative of professional nature photography. It’s a spring image that genuinely shows the potential of AI-generated images.

Butterfly On a Poppy Flower

Prompt: Close-up of a white butterfly, standing on a poppy flower, with a wide and green flower field behind, bokeh, dreamlike, vintage photography, ultra-detailed, 8K, ultra-realistic picture, cinematic light, HD.

AI-generated images don’t get much more realistic than this stunning, photo-realistic image of a white butterfly landing on a poppy flower.

The detail on the butterfly’s wings and body shows how advanced this AI tool is, while the use of focus and dramatic colors gives the image a dramatic, cinematic look.

Vintage Flower Field

Prompt: Wide view of a field, full of flowers and warmth, green, tender nature, nostalgic,  8K Photography with grain, extremely detailed, HD, professional, product photography, cinematic lighting, soft contrast.

As per the prompt request, this AI spring image has a field full of flowers, tons of greenery, and a soft contrast that creates a smooth, hazy springtime finish.

The detail on the lush green trees and grass creates a super-realistic look that gives the image the sense of being captured by a camera, while the warm color palette is perfect for use in a springtime campaign. You can also use real flower images from free stock photo websites if that’s your goal.

AI Images – How Should You Use Them?

Artificial intelligence’s use is increasing across almost all sectors, from the electric-vehicle industry to healthcare manufacturing. According to the Finances Online Study, AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the economy by 2030. While AI is useful across almost all sectors, it’s particularly revolutionary in design.

Why Should Designers Use AI Images?

AI’s use in generating images for designers is convenient on projects where no similar idea exists on the web, or it would be too challenging to set up a photo shoot to capture something similar.

Incorporating AI images into your work saves time and allows you to access images that meet your exact requirements rather than settling for something similar.

What Types of Projects Benefit from AI-Generated Images?

The use of AI-generated images isn’t limited to a single type of project – they can be as versatile as you like. AI-generated images work well in website design, graphic design projects, and the creation of marketing collateral. You can increase business productivity and save valuable time by outsourcing some of your design work to these smart tools.

Plus, if you’re working on a creative project that requires the use of images you simply can’t find elsewhere on the web, you’ll benefit from AI-generated images that create new images from scratch using only a prompt.

Happy creating!

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