5 Apple Watch concepts that give us food for thought for Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch has redefined the smartwatch, and is today the most successful brand in the industry, holding a third of the overall market.

Since its introduction, Apple has worked hard to build upon the success of the original Apple Watch, introducing cellular connectivity, waterproofing, and larger screen size, but there are still ways the company can innovate and take the Apple Watch experience to the next level.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at five awesome Apple Watch concepts that could change the way we use our watches and give Apple new ways to increase sales and adoption.

Wristband sensors

Apple has marketed the Apple Watch primarily as a health device, designed to monitor your performance and movement and offer gentle reminders and prompts to stand up and move.

Last year, the company introduced heart monitoring as standard on the Apple Watch 4, and the feature is already being thanked for saving the lives of users around the world.

This concept takes things to a whole new level, introducing sensors in the wristband that can monitor blood pressure and body temperature. If Apple ever introduced such a feature, users would no longer be able to switch out their wristbands as and when they desired, but it’s a very interesting suggestion and would remove some of the pressure from the actual device.

Being able to monitor your blood pressure could be particularly useful for health reasons, and connecting your Apple Watch to your Medical ID to let your doctor monitor makes sense.

All screen design

Apple improved the screen real estate on the Apple Watch 4, but this concept takes that to the next level and introduces a gorgeous stainless steel design that makes Apple Watch look and feel more like a real watch, rather than a smartwatch with the standard silicone strap.

There’s only so much content you can consume on your wrist, but being able to view more of your life without having to increase the size of the actual screen would appease many users and unlock new use cases for the device. Think video consumption, messaging, and more.

Circular Apple Watch

It’s something that users have been crying out for since day one of the Apple Watch – a circular version that looks and feels more like a real watch.

Competitors like Garmin and Samsung have introduced their own circular smartwatch faces with software to boot, and the result is a more natural-looking and performing wristwatch that delivers on functionality.

Samsung, in particular, has been praised for its bezel design that allows users to control their watch using the outer circle of the display.

With haptic vibrations and sounds, it’s the best-looking smartwatch on the market, and Apple would be wise to follow suit and go round.

Apple Band

Not everyone wants a square screen on their wrist, and this Apple Watch concept takes that to new heights.

In an effort to compete with cheaper watches and fitness trackers, Apple could introduce a Band with some of the basic functionality, like tracking and notifications, for a cheaper price, allowing the company to further penetrate the smartwatch market.

Apple Watch Nano

Okay, so this one isn’t an Apple Watch concept so to speak, but it’s an interesting take on a design that will no doubt go down well with Apple addicts.

One concept artist has created a shell for the Apple Watch that turns it into an iPod nano, and it looks awesome!

The concept asks the question: is there a gap in the market for a cheap MP3 player like the iPod nano?

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