Got an iPad? Here’s why you need an Apple Pencil

If you’re the owner of an iPad, you might be wondering whether or not to invest in an Apple Pencil. It’s easy to assume that they’re just for artists or those who want to draw or take notes, but there are so many reasons…


Gives you more control

One of the biggest benefits of an Apple Pencil is that it can give you more control, particularly in creative apps where your fingers might often feel like sausages. Indeed, the precision of the Apple Pencil is why it’s so well-liked. From playing games to editing video content, the Apple Pencil means you’re in control all of the time.


Links to the Mac

Although you can’t explicitly use the Apple Pencil on the Mac, you can connect your iPad to the Mac using SideCar. If using macOS Big Sur or later, click the Display menu in Control Centre or the menu bar, then choose your iPad from the menu, and then you can use your Apple Pencil inside of compatible apps like Photoshop. It saves you having to splash out on a separate graphics pad to use for your Mac. Ideal!


Use your iPad as a presentation display

You can use your iPad as a whiteboard for presentation and your Apple Pencil will allow you to make mind-maps and other interesting notes in front of a crowd, which is much better than a pen and a flipchart. Even better if you have a display with an HMDI port or AirPlay, as you can beam your notes onto a larger screen.


Marking up screenshots and PDFs

Whether you’re analysing a text, revising, or sending a client an invoice, you can use your Apple Pencil to mark up PDFs and screenshots.


It looks good

Finally, it’s important to mention that an Apple Pencil/iPad pairing just looks good. It connects wirelessly to your iPad Pro or iPad Air and is the perfect accessory to your Apple collection. Just treat yourself!

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