5 things we’d like to see from the next iPhone release

Although a number of features have already been leaked, there’s still time for Apple to add some big upgrades to this year’s iPhone 11.

Rumored to be called the iPhone XI and XI Max, the 2019 versions of Apple’s flagship smartphones are expected to feature a triple-lens rear camera, a new frosted glass back, and a more impressive front camera, but what else could Apple do to improve its smartphone and deliver the ultimate iPhone to its loyal customers?

Well… we thought of a few features we’d love Apple to introduce with the next iPhone release, and whilst some of them are pie-in-the-sky thinking, others may actually happen…

USB-C Charging

Apple brought USB-C to its MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup, and then introduced USB-C to the iPad Pro last year – for this year’s iPhone, we’d love to see the company go all-out and add a USB-C port to the iPhone.

Not only would it standardize the charging experience, but it would make it easier for us to connect our iPhones to our Macs (do we really need a dongle to do that right now!?) and use a whole host of peripherals compatible with other devices.

USB-C on the iPhone would help to unify Apple’s system and encourage both developers and manufacturers to create the next-generation of accessories for the iPhone.

Sure, the iPhone would need to be thicker to accommodate a USB-C port, but we’re happy with that.

Notch-less Design

When Apple introduced the iPhone X, the internet was awash with memes, but it’s crazy what two years can do for public perception.

Whilst we’ve certainly gotten used to a notch on our screens, it’s not exactly the most convenient, especially when you’re watching a video or conducting other tasks that require your whole screen to operate effectively.

We’d love to see Apple introduce a notch-free iPhone – and it’s possible.

Nubia X, for example, is a notch-free phone with a second screen on the rear.

Samsung and Huawei are both racing to launch phones with cutouts in the display for a camera, and we’d love to see Apple do the same.

Bigger Battery Pack

One of the most common complaints about the iPhone is the battery life, and whilst newer models hold more than enough juice for day-long browsing and chatting, there’s no harm in adding a little more.

What’s interesting to note is that Apple is planning to introduce two-way conductive charging on its iPhones this year, but what’s the point if our battery life is poor?

With a larger battery, we’d be able to take part in advanced tasks like augmented reality and charging our Apple Watches during the day, making a huge difference to our everyday lives.

Always-On Display

Apple introduced a number of OLED iPhone models in recent years, and so this feature is possible with the right software.

This year, we’d love Apple to introduce an always-on display that provides the date, time, and other information, like the weather or notification counts.

Why? Always-on screens not only look cool, but they help to reduce screen time, reducing the number of times we’d need to take our phones out of our pockets, unlock them, and check for new updates.

If they’re always ready and provide basic information that we need the most, we’ll actually engage with them less and spend more time in the real world.

Smaller Form Factor

If Apple introduces three new iPhones this year – which we’re expecting – then it would be good for the company to shrink one of them down a couple of millimeters.

The iPhone XS is 5.8 inches and that’s simply too big for those who are used to smaller form factor phones, like the iPhone 5 and the iPhone SE.

We’re not saying that Apple needs to go back to the 4-inch display, but a smaller display of around 5-5.2 inches would appease users who prefer smaller displays.

We don’t all want a mini iPad in our pockets!

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