50 Cent Launches 2nd Generation Star Wars Headphones at CES

50 cent backs spotify

Rapper 50 Cent AKA Curtis Jackson has used the Consumer Electronics Show to launch his latest edition of Star Wars-influenced headphones. The In Da Club star, businessman and ex-drug dealer, who has made money from his movie and movie career, bottled water and his own SMS Audio headphones, said that he had no idea how passionate Star Wars fans were until the audio devices were first launched.

Jackson said: “I didn’t realize how passionate the people were because the projections that we made for the first quarter for the ‘Star Wars’ projects sold in the first two days”. Jackson – or Fiddy – is far from the first celebrity to enter the headphone business,  but has certainly been one of the most successful after his associate Dr Dre. He puts his success in the market down to persistence, claiming that others gave up quickly after being “washed out”.

The 39-year-old hip-hop icon also unveiled a new range of gym-friendly Biosport headphones. The headphones have been developed by Intel and are able to tell not only how fast their users are running but how many calories they have burned too. Jackson said the headphones had helped him push himself further during intensive work-out sessions.

Have you ever owned a pair of celebrity-endorsed headphones? Have you had a chance to compare Dre’s and Fiddy’s headphones? Tell us about your experiences below.

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