2018 6.1-inch LCD iPhone to come in “bright orange”, “electronic blue” and more

iphone 5c

New reports state Apple’s latest project, the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone, will not only be released in Apple’s standard colour choices, but it will also be released in taupe, gold “flash yellow”, “bright orange” and “electronic blue”.

Rumours of the new colors were sparked earlier in the month by Ming-Chi Kuo, and now Macotakara has also released a similar report. In Ming-Chi Kuo’s report he claimed the iPhone will be available in gold, grey, white, blue, red and orange and Macotakara lists colours similar to that of the iPhone X leather cases: white, black, taupe, gold “flash yellow”, “bright orange” and “electronic blue”.

This isn’t the first time Apple has strayed away from the more popular color choices. Apple’s 5c, available in green, blue, yellow, pink and white, proved popular, as well as the special edition iPhone 8, PRODUCT RED. Every purchase of this special edition phone contributes directly to the global fund to fight aids. Notably, Macotakara does not list red in his report, but perhaps Apple will save this for a mid-year release like with the iPhone 8.

While it seems impossible to pin down exactly what colours will be available, we can be sure the 2018 6.1-inch iPhone will be the first to come in a range of color options since the iPhone 5c.

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