8 Must-Have Educational Apps for iPhone & iPad Thousands of educational apps are available to download on the iPhone and iPad. These apps are designed to simplify teachers’ and students’ lives by simplifying learning, making revision more effective, organizing academic resources, and many more functions.

Choosing the best ones is often challenging as their features and functionality vary. So, we’ve compiled 8 of the best educational apps for iPhone and iPad.


If you want to learn a new language, look no further than the most downloaded language application, Duolingo. It is a fun app you can use to learn more than 40 languages using quizzes. You get to practice speaking the language and improving your fluency. Besides, the application has features that help you learn music and math in the Duolingo way. So, if you are majoring in math or music, Duolingo shouldn’t miss on your gadget. What’s more, there is a competitive leaderboard that will keep you competitive within the Duolingo community, and this will keep you motivated throughout your learning goals.

My Study Life

Do you always find it hard to remain organized in school or complete assignments within deadlines and have to look for help from sites like EssayUSA? If you do, you should consider joining the millions of students using My Study Life to help them with their organization. The application will help you track and get timely reminders for classes and assignment deadlines. You can also use it to note everything occurring in your day, from new things you have learned to course schedules you have been assigned. 

The application has many cool tools; the first is the homework tracker. The homework tracker enables you to track all the homework you need to do, ensuring you do not forget about important assignments. The second feature is the exam tracker and study reminder. This feature provides you with reminders on when you need to study and upcoming exams. These features will play an important role in ensuring you are always organized in your studies.


Nearpod is an all-in-one solution application that allows students and teachers to get value for their iPads. The app is free and allows educators to collaborate in a single pane and monitor students’ progress. Educators can look at the kinds of work they are engaging their students with and share this knowledge to get the best outcomes out of students. The app also allows teachers to design presentations and push lessons to their students’ iPads. Moreover, it has an inbuilt comprehension report, which allows teachers to understand students who comprehend their lessons and those who do not.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a comprehensive learning resource that allows students to get individualized practice from an early age. The application is easy to use, and it makes it easy for a parent to allow a child to follow their learning path. Also, the parent can check the student’s progress to see how they are doing. There are activities from the library that are picked up, and a learner starts from the beginning. Progress feedback is also generated to provide a glimpse of what the student has been able to do and whether they have effectively mastered what they were learning. The parent can review the feedback and use it to target the areas the child might have a problem with.


Knowing how to code is becoming an important part of the education system, and Tynker can help you develop your coding skills. Tynker transforms coding into a game, and users can create fun titles to use with friends. The application also allows students to learn how to code to write interactive stories and even program drones to fly around the playground. It also has a Minecraft feature that allows students to boot up the game and make modifications based on their coding prowess.


If you want to sharpen your computer or mathematical skills, consider installing Brilliant. It has interactive lessons to help you improve in STEM subjects. Whatever topic in math, computer science, or algebra that you might want to improve on, brilliant has you covered. The application helps you stay on track by allowing you to see your progress and advance from one level to the next. The lessons and challenges are tailored to levels; once you complete a level, you advance to the next.


Kahoot is an application that recognizes that children like playing video games. When teaching children a topic they might not be interested in, tailoring it as a video game can help increase their interest. The app is primarily designed for teachers who assign their students homework through games. Users will find different challenges as they seek to win the game, but they will be able to learn important concepts of the course as they overcome these challenges. A major advantage associated with this app is that it has both single-player and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer mode allows students to work together in groups to overcome the challenges in the games and learn collaboratively.


Photomath helps students solve both simple and complex mathematical equations. The app is free and uses the iPad camera. You point the camera at a math problem, and the app interprets the image and provides a solution to the equation. Additionally, the app gives step-by-step instructions on solving the problem, helping you learn how to tackle similar equations. So, if you are looking to become an expert in solving math problems like algebra and calculus, consider installing Photomath.

Choosing educational apps to install on your iPhone and iPad can be challenging because of the large number of apps available.

However, some apps stand out because of the benefits they offer, and those are what you should install. If you are a student seeking to learn a new language, consider downloading Duolingo. Khan Academy shouldn’t miss on your gadget if you are seeking access to educational material.

If you want something to help you better plan and organize your school life, My Study Life is the right tool for that. If you want to become smarter in solving math problems, make Photomath your sidekick.

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