97% of Customers Report Satisfaction with the Apple Watch

Judging from new survey data shared today, the Apple Watch has satisfied customers even more than the first versions of the iPhone and iPad. In fact, data reported by Techpinions includes the exemplary customer satisfaction rating of 97%.

This rating, the most eye-opening of this information produced by research firm Wristly and Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin, betters that of any other first-generation product put to the market by Apple. By way of comparison, the first ever iPhone and iPad attracted respective customer satisfaction ratings of 92% and 91% – and both became popular and revolutionary devices.

Wristly reached the Apple Watch satisfaction rate by adding up the 66% figure for “Very Satisfied/Delighted” customers and the 31% figure under the “Somewhat Satisfied” category. The data was taken from a varied panel of more than a thousand purchasers of the Apple Watch.

Aptly, Bajarin wraps up the report by raising the question of “if current owners are happy, satisfied, and delighted”, adding: “For that we can safely conclude the answer is a resounding yes.”

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