A favorite feature from the iPhone and iPad could be making its way to the Apple Watch

Apple Watch on wrist

With the imminent launch of the next big Apple Watch software update, watchOS 9, it seems we might be able to expect a well-known feature from the iPhone and iPad to make an appearance: Low Power Mode.

The suggestion has been made in a report by Bloomberg’s keen observer of all things Apple, Mark Gurman. It has been alleged that the new Low Power Mode on Apple’s wearable will be distinct from the existing Power Reserve Mode that owners of the device can already take advantage of.

While Power Reserve Mode effectively disables all of the device’s features other than the ability to read the time (which the user can do by pressing the side button), Low Power Mode will allow the Watch to largely continue working as normal, albeit with some functionality reduced in order to preserve battery life.

Gurman said that the new Low Power Mode would be designed to allow the Watch to “run some apps and features without using as much battery life. Currently, Apple Watches in low-power mode – known on the device as Power Reserve – can only access the time.”

Since the launch of the first version of the Apple Watch in 2015, the wearable’s “all-day” battery life has been broadly unchanged. Faster charging was introduced with the Apple Watch Series 7.

However, a new Low Power Mode could be appreciated by many users anxious to make the most of their battery life when they aren’t in a position to put their Watch back on charge.

With Gurman adding that Apple also intended to refresh many of the built-in watch faces that the device ships with, and rumors pointing to the next watchOS incorporating a car crash detection feature and support for more types of workout as well, it seems that Apple Watch users have more and more reason to get excited about the looming update.

It is expected that watchOS 9 will be unveiled alongside other Apple operating-system updates at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is set to commence on Monday, June 6.

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