A Look At Major Cities Using iOS 6 Flyover Effect

The Flyover Effect, built into the new Maps App that comes with iOS 6, has everyone looking at vacation destinations, cities, and landmarks in photo realistic 3D. The number of cities available grows each day but is currently limited to select destinations. I enjoy being able to float through a city I have never traveled to and get a real look at the architecture and layout.

Today I was thinking, how will this feature evolve in the future? It might be cool to add some video and sound bytes to locations to really get a sense of the atmosphere. Imagine being able to further the experience by entering the buildings in a “Fly Through” mode, giving you an inside look at famous landmarks in each city? These are all things I would love to see added in the future.

Here are some screens of some of the major cities that the AppleMagazine staff was checking out using Flyover Effect this week:

The Empire State Building






 Las Vegas


 Apple HQ (Cupertino CA)


 Wrigley Field (Chicago)


 Copenhagen, Denmark



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