A look at the 2020 Apple Design Award-winning apps

It’s always an exciting time of year to see which apps and iOS app designers have walked away with an award and to learn why these apps have been chosen against the very competitive landscape entered into the 2020 Apple Design Awards. Today we are going to take a closer look at the 8 winning apps and get a better understanding of how they have innovated in their niche and what we can expect when you hit download. Let’s meet the winners.

Shapr 3D

You can typically only find CAD software in an architecture or design agency, with the cost to create and alter these intricate designs making them practically inaccessible for the average user or business requiring this technology. Shapr 3D completely challenged this notion, with the easy-to-use iPad app complete with all key functions and compatible with all CAD file formats. Creating virtual plans and objects no longer need to be an expensive process with this award-winning app.


Almost in the same vein, Looom is another iPad app for hobbyist and professional creators, except it’s targeted to animation drawers. The simplicity of the app has made it enjoyable to those who have previously been intimidated by the more technical apps in this space. Each time you draw, simply swipe the screen and a new page will come into view with a trace of your previous drawing so that you can make the appropriate changes to achieve a seamless animation or cartoon.


It’s dizzying to imagine what melodies would be possible if some of the greatest composers of our time had access to StaffPad, where creating sheet music is as easy as scribbling notes onto an iPad with an Apple Pen. What’s more, you can actually hear what you have created if you hit play and can make any changes or extent any parts. This app has been embraced by musicians, music teachers and even students who want to try their hand at composing.


Forget the Adobe suite, as Darkroom is all a photographer needs, right in their back pocket. The Darkroom app offers those beautiful filters that have come to be the standard in most photography apps, but also allows photographers to be more intentional with their light manipulation, and actually open and edit RAW image files within the app. It’s been likened to Adobe Photoshop for its features and Adobe Bridge for its file management, so be sure to try it if you are sick of lugging your laptop around.

Sayonara Wild Hearts 

This app will not encounter any competitors, as it is a truly unique app offering. Designed for those with a broken heart, the Sayonara Wild Hearts app is focused on bringing joy and dance to peoples lives, as the user races through stunning locations all while controlling an arcade cart. Think Mario Cart meets 80s aerobics troop. The playlist is perfectly curated to get your heart rate up and tapping your feet, with the welcome narration from Queen Latifah. This app needs to be experienced to be believed.

Song of Bloom

Song of Bloom is the brainchild of the revered Philipp Stollenmayer, and it comes with the same strange twists and turns that you can expect from Stollenmayer. Join the quest and take on the challenges presented in the game, incorporating physics, puzzles and even tasks that require real-world engagement (plugging in your charger, for example). The creators have been rather tight-lipped on what to expect from the game, so you are interested in putting your mind to the test, try out Song of Bloom.

Where Cards Fall

There are two dimensions to Where Cards Fall, with the first part looking and feeling like your typical game, but then transforming into something more meaningful. You progress through the app building houses from cards to propel you to higher levels, and when each milestone is attained you are revealed a chapter about the protagonists past, which unfolds into quite an emotive story that will capture the hearts of all players. Journeying through Where Cards Fall will be an entertaining and memorable ride.

Sky: Children of the Light

Cheap thrills and empty progress is not what you will find from Sky: Children of the Light. This game is all about helping others and working together, presented in a creative and entertaining way that won’t make you feel like you’re being lectured about being kind to your neighbour. This app stands out against the many other games on the market which are focused on competing, whereas progress in Sky: Children of the Light is only possible with generosity and teamwork.


As with every year, Apple never disappoints with their award-winning selection. Research or download the ones that appeal to your interests, or take a chance and try one that you wouldn’t normally use or play.

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