A novel idea? Using your iPad to write a book with the best iPad Pro keyboards

The well-known opinion is that everyone has a novel inside them but it just takes time to get it out. With the huge amount of on the go technology available these days, it should be easier than ever to unleash your writing potential but there still may be some hurdles in your way that you feel are preventing you. Maybe your creativity flows best when you’re using your iPad but you find the digital keyboard to difficult to use? Fear not, we’ve come up with this definitive guide of the best keyboards for the iPad Pro.

If you want to turn your iPad Pro into a laptop….

Apple Smart Keyboard 

This keyboard is available for both the 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro and can be bought directly from Apple. As well as being a keyboard, it also doubles up as a cover and a stand that gives it a convenient angle for working or viewing. When you’re not using it, you can fold the keyboard out of sight although this may disrupt the angle that you want the iPad to stay at. The keyboard is durable and seamless meaning that, unlike some others, there are no cracks between separate keys that can easily get dirty. The case has soft micro-fibre lining that protects the screen but it offers no protection for the back.

Brydge BrydgePro Keyboard

This keyboard is designed specifically to be paired with the iPad Pro which automatically gives it a great head
start. Although not the most weightless, the BrydgePro has a robustness that makes it ideal for those looking for a keyboard that can be used for longer amounts of time. It has adjustable back-lit keys, a home button, a lock key and an option to bring up the iPad’s digital keyboard. All of these features may make it a pricey option, but it’s definitely one of the best on the market.

Zagg Slim Book Pro

One of the features that makes the Zagg Slim Book Pro stand out is the detachable lid which allows users to simply lift their iPad out of the keyboard dock if they wish to use it remotely. The layout of the keyboard matches the size of Macbook keyboards as well as having back-lit keys that can even be colour controlled. The top row of keys allow you to control your iPad, this is something that the Apple Smart Keyboard is lacking, and there is a Siri key that makes it easier to use on the go. In terms of battery life, the Zagg boasts a TWO YEAR charge if you only use it for one hour per day.

Incipio ClamCase+

The ClamCase+ is a full-size, back-lit keyboard that works best with the 12.9 iPad pro. For those looking to turn
their iPad into a device for substantial work, this case should be a serious consideration. Once you attach the 360 degree hinge to your device, there is a sleep/wake functionality to restore battery life and a slot for the Apple pencil. The ClamCase+ is a keyboard that arguably gives you the same functionality you’d find with a Macbook.

If you want your keyboard to double as a case….

FYY iPad Pro case

Those looking for a classy iPad Pro case should look no further than the FYY. The case itself is made from quality PU leather and offers a fully detachable gold wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Both good-looking and functional, there are slots for important documents you may need on the go, a built-in stylus holder, a built-in stand and an elastic strap that allows you to keep a good hold of your device. Plus, the FYY case is available in four colours which means you can somewhat customise your otherwise standard looking iPad.

Ionic Pro iPad Pro case

There’s no doubt at all that this keyboard is both elegant and simple. Unlike keyboards such as the Zagg Slim Book Pro, the Ionic offers no gimmicks and focuses solely on the core features that anyone looking to use their iPad for serious work would need. The keyboard is pebble grey leather which gives it a professional look and feel.

Peyou iPad Pro Keyboard

If it’s design that you’re looking for, the Peyou is another keyboard that is offered in a range of colours this time ranging anywhere from standard white to baby pink. Despite the colour you choose, however, the Peyou has multi-functionality and able to be used as a stand or a cover. The keyboard itself is magnetically detachable, with ABS keys that make typing a lot smoother than what you’d usually find with silicone keys.

If you want an unconnected keyboard….

Apple Magic Keyboard 

Firstly, you can pair the Apple Magic Keyboard with an iPad Pro with incredible ease which makes it a good option for those who travel. The full size keyboard has dedicated buttons for things such as screen brightness and volume control and at only 231 grams, it is one of the lightest keyboards around that can be paired with not only the iPad Pro, but any other portable Apple product you might happen to own.

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