A quarter of US Apple customers own an Apple TV

Almost 25% of Apple customers in the United States own an Apple TV box, according to a new report.

The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) asked Apple customers in the US which devices they owned, and the Apple TV box was surprisingly high on the list, coming out in first place under the “Other Products” category, ahead of Apple Watch and AirPods.

Mike Levin, CIRP partner, and co-founder said: “Apple TV‌ is the most popular of the gadgets among the Other Products, with about one-quarter of current customers owning one. Apple TV‌ has been around for many years, so we’re not surprised that it has achieved this penetration.”

Naturally, Apple Watch came high on the list, too, in second place, with around 20% of those questioned telling the survey that they owned the smartwatch.

Meanwhile, less than 10% of US Apple consumers own AirPods, though these are a relatively new product and it’s likely that their market penetration will increase in the years ahead, especially now that Apple has released a premium version, the AirPods Pro.

Though the survey doesn’t tally sales, it does look at devices in use as of September of this year.

Overall, the data shows that Apple TV has gained a few percentage points over the past year, perhaps because more US consumers are cable cutting and switching to smart boxes.

And with Apple TV+, the company’s new streaming service, the future looks bright.

Apple has reportedly spent more than $6 billion on original programming with shows such as Dickinson, See, and The Morning Show premiering on the platform, which costs just $4.99/month for up to six users in the same family.

As well as accessing Apple TV+ content on Apple TV boxes, consumers can watch their favorite shows on their iPhones, iPads, Macs, online, and via Smart TVs and smart sticks.

Are you surprised to see Apple TV so high on the list? Do you own an Apple TV? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter and check back soon for more Apple news and rumors.

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