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The demand for skilled technical and support staff is growing with advances in technology. In this sphere, Apple is the world leader. There’s expanding use of iPhones, iPads, and Macs in the workplace. With this comes a demand for IT professionals who can offer support for Apple products.

To meet the need, Apple Inc offers professional training and certification for IT management & support. Its online training gives professionals the opportunity to update their skills if they want to climb the career ladder or change careers.

Online, self-paced training

The latest training from Apple Computer Inc is online and self-paced. Students have the convenience of doing in-depth tutorials from home or the office. They can show their competency by doing online exams and earning certifications and badges.

The training will help all those with an interest in technology who want to improve their skill sets. The certifications are relevant to potential employers. Those who earn them can go after higher-paid jobs due to the demand for their skills.

Apple Device Support training course

The number of professionals who manage Apple products at work is growing. One of the professional training courses Apple offers is Apple Device Support. This course covers tools, services, and best practices. It assumes students are familiar with using Apple devices and services.  

What does the course consist of? The course includes a combination of articles and exercises. Students will need certain hardware and software to complete the tutorials. Some of the tutorial topics include system administration and troubleshooting. The course, in total, consists of about 14 hours of online content learning. Students need to do the exercises and check their understanding with questions at the end of each tutorial.  

Exams, badges, and certification: To make the most of the course, students should review all the content and follow linked resources for more information. After going through the content, students must complete an exam. If they pass, they earn a digital badge that demonstrates their achievement level. They become certified as Apple Support Professionals. Displaying this certification on resumes, job boards, and online profiles enables them to stand out in job searches.

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Apple Deployment & Management course

This course follows on from the previous one and builds on the skills and concepts.

What does the course cover? It covers the configuring, managing, and securing of Apple products. It helps students to develop a deployment strategy using a mobile device management solution (MDM). They will learn how to use Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager. It will take about 13 hours to go through the content.  

Exams, badge, and certification: On successfully completing an exam, students receive a badge and certification as an Apple Certified IT Professional.

Partnerships with community colleges & universities

Apple is partnering with universities and community colleges to offer preparatory courses to students for the certification exams. It will provide scholarships for students who participate in its community education initiatives (CEIs).

It has already worked with Austin Community College in Texas, and this summer, more CEI schools will be announced. Ed Farm in Birmingham, Alabama, is a non-profit organization with an ongoing partnership with Apple, and it will also offer preparatory courses for the certification exams.  

Mac Admins Foundation

Apple doesn’t want an inability to pay to stand in the way of those who want to earn Apple certification. Its partnership with the Mac Admins Foundation will ensure more access to the Apple certification exams. The foundation will offer vouchers to applicants who have financial needs, and Apple will underwrite this.  

The two courses offered by Apple give a grounding in the theory and concepts surrounding the deployment and support of products. The exams fully represent all the skills required for success. Certification is available to anyone who wants to improve their skills. With the number of jobs in IT and computing expected to grow by about 13% by 2030, there will be no shortage of jobs for those who work on updating their skills.

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