A19 And M5 Chips Discovered on Apple Backend Server In a revealing discovery, references to unreleased 'A19' and 'M5' Apple silicon chips have been spotted in official Apple code, hinting at the existence of multiple upcoming processors.

The references were uncovered by X (the social network formerly known as Twitter) user “@_orangera1n”, and are believed to correspond to a range of unreleased chips, including the “A19”, “M5 Pro”, “M5 Max”, and “M5 Ultra”.

These intriguing discoveries follow the sequential pattern of Apple’s chip identifiers, suggesting that work on these processors is already well underway.

Apple’s Tatsu Signing Server (TSS) serves to verify firmware files, issuing unique certificates known as APTickets. These contain specific details and are tightly controlled, with no third-party logs. To uncover unreleased ApChipIDs, requests were made to the TSS for every conceivable identifier. Those that did not result in an invalid identifier seem to be linked to an unreleased chip.

The identifier 0x8130 is thought to relate to the A19 chip, while 0x6050, 0x6051, and 0x6052 are posited to correspond to the M5 Pro, M5 Max, and M5 Ultra chips, respectively. This analysis is based on the logical sequence and previously observed patterns in released chips.

Should Apple maintain its annual release schedule for new iPhone models, the A19 could make its debut in the ‌iPhone‌ 17 Pro models in 2025.

M1 chip

In the meantime, the A17 Bionic, Apple’s first 3nm chip, is expected to be announced in a matter of weeks for the iPhone 15 Pro models, offering substantial performance and efficiency enhancements compared to Apple’s recent silicon chips, which rely on TSMC’s 5nm process.

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