Accidental Apple leak confirms 4K HDR Apple TV

If you’ve kept up to date with the most recent accidental leak by Apple regarding the Homepod speaker, you’ll be aware of some of the key specs and features that we’re expecting to see in the new iPhone.

The same leak, as spotted by the developer Guilherme Rambo (an iOS developer at Brazil-based PeixelUrbano and developer of the unofficial WWDC app for macOS) has encountered lines of code within the iOS system that will power the Homepod that refer to Apple TV being capable of supporting 4K resolution, high dynamic range video and Dolby Vision premium HDR solution as well as the HLG version of HDR that is used by broadcasters. This means that the Apple TV will have video capabilities to rival the likes of the Chromecast Ultra, which is already regarded as better than both the Roku Ultra and the Amazon Fire TV.

It seems likely that it will integrate broadcasting-related solutions, something that we’ve not yet seen in an Apple TV. However, one thing that has not been mentioned is HDR10+ format which adds an extra layer of information to the core HDR stream, something we saw in Samsung’s recent announcement.

Video editor Marc Bach noted that ‘HLG’ (Hybrid Log Gamma) mode is in fact the third HDR mode. This will boost the TV’s brightness and contrast, giving a better range of colors in a picture.

The Apple TV that’s currently on the market is trailing behind all of its main rivals so a new model can’t come quick enough. As it stands, late 2017 is looking to be the most likely launch window.

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