As basic as the gear you need is to go for a run, hardcore runners still take a lot into consideration when choosing their running shoes. The sheer amount of choice for runners is staggering, with hundreds of designs available ranging from $10 to $1000.

Adidas have embraced the phenomenon that is 3D printing to create their own 3D-printed running shoes. These limited edition shoes are available in London, Tokyo and New York from today and will set you back a hefty $333.

The 3D printed heel design of the shoes means that they don’t require any conventional stitching or glue of any type. Despite the radically different means of production, the shoes are said to be comfortable, reliable and long-lasting.

The potential that 3D printing opens up is amazing. It can allow for full customization and easy manufacturing for small businesses or even people in the home, but the technology isn’t quite there yet.

These running shoes prove how viable it is to 3D print something as integral as shoes, let alone attractive designer shoes, which could help the sceptics open their eyes to the possibilities of 3D printing.