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Adobe brings Photoshop to the iPad

Adobe has launched Photoshop on the iPad.

More than a year after announcing plans to bring the popular photo editing app to iPad, the company revealed that the software would be available on iPadOS at its annual conference.


Photoshop on the iPad allows users to pick up where they’ve left off on their desktop, opening and editing PSD format files on their tablet devices, as well as being able to see and edit layers and access some of the key Adobe and Photoshop tools using unique gestures.

Adobe has ported the standard Photoshop toolbar to the iPad, albeit optimized for a touch interface, and the company has added some video tutorials to allow users to make the most of the new app, with tours offered to Photoshop beginners and experienced power users.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Photoshop for the iPad is that Adobe has allowed for the majority of the software’s core features to be available in full, so whether you’re compressing, importing, or swapping files between the iPad and Desktop, you should expect the same end result thanks to cross-platform technology and the Adobe Cloud.

Adobe has promised that it will continue to work on the Photoshop for iPad software in the coming months and that it was “deeply committed” to introducing more functionality in the future as they learn how customers use Photoshop on their mobile devices.

Rotate canvas, Select Subject, Refine Edge and More brushing options are just some of the features Adobe is promising to bring to Photoshop for the iPad on its website.

Alongside Photoshop for the iPad, Adobe has announced Adobe Photoshop Camera, which is an all-new camera app that “brings incredible Photoshop magic”. Users can capture and edit photos using Photoshop tools, using complex adjustments to create the best photos.

Are you looking forward to trying Photoshop for the iPad? Let us know your initial reactions over on Twitter and check back soon for news and rumors on everything Apple, every week.

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