Ads “Most Likely” to Make People Cancel Video Streaming Subs

IBM’s Cloud Video division has published the results of a recent survey investigating the habits of subscribers to such video streaming services as Hulu and Netflix. Among the interesting revelations are that too many adverts are “most likely” to lead to subscription cancellations.

31% of the survey respondents claimed to have previously dropped a video-on-demand subscription, though this figure rose to 40% among users whose primary service was Amazon or Hulu. 27% of respondents said that an overabundance of adverts would be likeliest to make them cancel; cost, meanwhile, was cited by 25%, according to TechCrunch.

20% revealed that they would cancel if the choice of shows was too small, while 17% said technical issues would be their biggest annoyance. 73% of all respondents said that buffering or a delayed start was the technical problem they had come across most often.

David Mowrey, IBM Cloud Video’s vice president of strategic planning, said that video streaming providers should use this kind of data to better understand their customers. This particular survey was carried out online and focused on 1,007 US video streaming subscribers in April.

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