Expose Your Brand Weekly To a Smart, High-Class Audience.

The magazine is young, intelligent, global and designed to appeal to an audience of Apple users and fans, as well as Apple’s main players in this high-end tech market. The Magazine will have global distribution through the world’s largest Digital Newsstands, ensuring a consolidated audience.

Issued weekly, AppleMagazine be present in 117 countries and regions. It’s a potential market of more than 900 million people.

It’s a great opportunity to showcase your brand to a huge number of subscribers, ensuring wide product visibility and a valuable link to Apple’s worldwide public.

Come take advantage of this stunning, unique magazine and promote your brand to an A+ audience interested in purchasing high-quality global products and brands!

Since it is a Magazine, it fits the format that readers love and advertisers crave. The magazine format allows for more sophisticated Ad campaigns (existing Ads used in other magazines can be used) enriching the entire reading experience. It also allows for contextual placement, videos and interactivity.

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