Affordable Apple Vision Headset May Need to Be Tethered to iPhone or Mac Apple is exploring cost-cutting measures for its Vision headset by potentially making it dependent on an iPhone or Mac, marking a shift from the standalone Vision Pro.

Vision Pro

Apple is shifting its focus from the high-end Vision Pro to developing a more affordable version of the headset.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter, the new lower-cost Vision headset, codenamed N107, might require a tethered iPhone or Mac to function.

This would be a significant departure from the Vision Pro, which operates independently with all necessary components built-in.

The N107 prototype reportedly features a narrower field of view and reduced processing power, which will help cut costs.

By relying on the processing power of an iPhone or Mac, Apple could reduce the expensive internal components needed for a standalone device like the Vision Pro.

Gurman mentioned that Apple aims to release this more affordable Vision headset by as early as the end of 2025.

Apple Vision Pro Headset

Despite efforts, Apple is finding it challenging to balance cost reduction with maintaining essential features. This initiative has been part of Apple’s plan since before the Vision Pro was launched.

While focusing on a budget-friendly model, Apple is not neglecting its high-end market. The company is developing a second-generation Vision Pro, internally referred to as N109.

This updated version is expected to offer a faster processor, enhanced external cameras, and a lighter, more comfortable design. However, its release has apparently been pushed to late 2026 at the earliest.

As Apple works on these new models, it raises the question of how a tethered headset might affect consumer interest.

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset

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