AirPods Studio reportedly delayed until March 2021

Apple has reportedly delayed its long-awaited AirPods Studio headphones until 2021.

According to Jon Prosser, who has a mixed track record when it comes to insider information, Apple was planning to release AirPods Studio alongside its iPhones, but has since delayed the release of the premium headphones to 2021 due to a production issue.

Prosser even narrows down the release date of the AirPods Studio, suggesting that they’ll launch on March 16, 2021. Apple has been working on a pair of branded headphones for a number of years now to sit alongside the AirPods and follow on from the success of the Beats lineup.

They’ll feature active noise cancelling technology and high-end audio reproduction capabilities, as well as advanced sensors which can detect ears and change the audio channels based on which ear each headphone cup is sitting over, removing the need for left and right indicators.

Last month, the headphones reportedly leaked online, showing off a new exterior that’s different from the Beats range. Apple will reportedly launch two versions of the AirPods Studio – one, affordable sports model, and a high-end model made from leather and metal.

Earlier in the week, Prosser revealed that Apple had hit a snag in production, which meant that key features of the new headphones had to be cut. As a result, the company delayed the release of the headphones, and now it seems like they’ll be announced in March 2021.

Apple offered its clearest sign yet that it would be selling its own headphones by removing third-party headphones and smart speakers from its website and retail stores. The company did something similar back in 2014, removing Fitbits before launching the Apple Watch.

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