AirPower to be available at the end of March

Apple has finally come into the wireless charging market with their latest iPhone models and latest smartwatch. The iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus all support the format but also require third-party devices to support the feature from brands such as Belkin and Mophie. It is not in Apple fashion to rely on other companies to support their devices so they came up with AirPower.

AirPower was announced at the iPhone X event in September 2017. But still has not become available to purchase six months after. AirPower is a thin white pad that allows you to charge your Series 3 Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods all at once. The AirPods, however, do not yet support wireless charging so Apple is selling a new case for your AirPods that supports Qi charging.

Qi charging is not something that is new, but as always Apple is not out to create they want to innovate and change the way we do things. Charging devices wirelessly has been a standard in many Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy range. AirPower is not a standard changing mat like the ones available already. Apple has said that the pad will allow each device to communicate and manage power usage between each device. An animation will also show on the screen of your iPhone when other devices are placed on the pad then followed by a menu displaying the percentage of each device.

As shown on the demo at the Apple event Airpower will use a lightning cable to USB to mains to power the changing mat. The downside of AirPower is that fast charging is available just not with the iPhones available. Fast charging is something that is possible on the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus but only with a USB-C to lightning adapter.

AirPower is rumoured to be available in stores by the end of March at around £99 (plus the cost of the optional Qi-enabled AirPod case). Is it worth buying or should you stick with more affordable options such as Belkin?

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