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AirPower to be introduced later in the year in bid to boost certain suppliers

The Digitimes this week released a supply chain report indicating that we will see AirPower launched later this year. The report doesn’t reveal too much in terms of specific details, however, it does outline that 2019 will be the year AirPower is made available.

The report proposes that its release is imminent but also states that the launch will happen in 2019 so it remains unknown what month it will be released but we can be certain it’s sometime this year. It’s certainly a positive indication that suppliers are preparing for the availability of AirPower, ending concerns that Apple had cancelled the product.

Digitimes are hopeful that the product will provide a bosot to certain suppliers, naming Lite-On Semiconducter which has reportedly shipped several GPP bridge rectifiers designed for AirPower for the last year:

“Lite-On Semiconductor has been shipping GPP bridge rectifiers for use in the forthcoming AirPower for over a year, the sources indicated. Lite-On Semi continues to see its shipments for the wireless charging device remain insignificant, but shipments are expected to see a substantial rise later in 2019, the sources believe.”

This week’s report is just one of many AirPower related articles to hit the headlines recently. Just last week, a report proposed that the concept is set to enter production as early as this month. Apple itself also mentioned the product during their announcement of the Smart Battery Case. Apple’s website also mentions the concept here and there.

Initially, AirPower was due for launch in 2018 but Apple failed to meet the deadline and need to address issues surrounding the wireless charging mat. That said, it is still very much in the pipeline and we will see it this year.

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