AirTag 2: Enhanced Vision Pro Integration Expected Apple is reportedly setting the stage for the launch of AirTag 2, an upgraded iteration of its successful item-tracking device. With indications pointing towards a more seamless integration with Vision Pro, the second-generation AirTag is tipped to hit mass production next year, as revealed by TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple AirTag tracking device
Apple AirTag tracking device

First speculated by Kuo in June last year, the possibility of an AirTag 2 was associated with projected shipping figures; approximately 20 million units for 2021 and a significant jump to 35 million units in 2022. As sales of the AirTag continue to show robust performance, the time appears ripe for Apple to roll out an improved model.

Upon its launch, AirTag garnered a steady rise in shipments, making it a silent performer in Apple’s product portfolio. “Shipment estimations of AirTag reach about 20 mn & 35 mn units in 2021 & 2022, respectively. If AirTag shipments continue to grow, I believe Apple will develop the 2nd generation,” Kuo noted.

The next-generation AirTag is predicted to hit mass production in the last quarter of 2024. Kuo emphasizes Apple’s interest in developing spatial computing as a novel ecosystem, with Vision Pro as the crucial factor in linking various devices, including the new AirTag.

“First, AirTag 2 will likely go to mass production in 4Q24; Second, I believe that spatial computing is a new ecosystem that Apple wants to build, using Vision Pro as the core to integrate other devices, including AirTag 2,” Kuo mentioned in a tweet.

Vision Pro is expected to play a pivotal role in enhancing other Apple products too, with the iPhone 15 purportedly receiving an upgraded Ultra Wideband chip to work in sync with the Vision Pro ecosystem.

In terms of its current features, the existing AirTag sports a U1 chip for precise location tracking and finding capabilities. The second-generation AirTag is likely to feature an advanced version of this chip, possibly termed the U2 chip.

Apple AirTag tracking device

While specifics regarding the enhanced AirTag are still limited, we can anticipate more details and rumors to crop up in the upcoming months, providing deeper insights into what the innovative tracker might offer.

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