Alaska Airlines Flight: iPhone Survives a 16,000-Foot Drop In an extraordinary event, an iPhone was ejected from an Alaska Airlines flight and impressively survived a 16,000-foot descent, landing intact on a Portland road.

Alaska Airlines

During a routine flight, Alaska Airlines flight 1282 encountered a severe in-flight issue shortly after departing from Portland, Oregon. A fuselage panel tore away, causing a sudden pressure drop and necessitating an urgent return to the airport. Amidst this chaos, numerous items, including luggage and an iPhone, were ejected from the aircraft.

Remarkably, the iPhone was later discovered by Vancouver resident Seanathan Bates near the plane’s landing site, along Barnes Road in Portland.

iPhone survives 16,000-foot fall from Alaska Airlines plane

Despite the extreme fall, the phone was not only intact but also functional, showcasing its impressive durability. The device, still in airplane mode, displayed an open Alaska Airlines email and retained half its battery life.

Its uncracked screen, likely protected by a phone case and softened by the ground, emphasized the resilience of modern smartphone technology.

This event is not the first instance of an iPhone surviving harsh conditions, but the altitude from which it fell is unparalleled. The incident also illuminates the broader effects of the flight’s decompression event, with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) confirming the recovery of another phone from the same flight.

This remarkable story underscores the robustness of today’s smartphones, particularly under extreme conditions.

iPhone survives 16,000-foot fall from Alaska Airlines plane

Additionally, it serves as a reminder of the usefulness of having accessible contact information on your phone in case of loss or separation.

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