All-Glass Design for Samsung S6?

Samsung Smart TV

Reports are claiming that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone will not feature an all-metal design after all. Online rumors had suggested that the device would come complete with the all-metal casing, but a company official has now said this won’t be the case, according to DDaily. It’s now thought that the S6 will in fact feature a glass front and back, raising comparisons to the Sony Xperia range of devices. The phone will apparently also sport an aluminum frame.

It’s thought that Samsung have opted for the all-glass design in order to differentiate it from the cheaper Galaxy A, which features a metal unibody build. It’s also believed that the smartphone will come in two forms: a standard edition alongside a more expensive curved model. The rumored higher-end model has been compared to the Galaxy Note Edge.

Other features apparently being lined up include a 5.5 inch QHD display, 3GB of RAM, a 20MP camera and a 64 octa-core Exynos chip. The S6 is expected to be launched in March to coincide with the Mobile World Congress.

Would you be interested in owning an all-glass Samsung handset? Do you usually opt for Samsung when it comes to smartphones or are you interested in making the switch from Apple, for example? Tell us your thoughts below.

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