All US Apple Stores now open following COVID-19 restrictions and closures

All Apple Stores in the United States have reopened following temporary COVID closures.

It’s the first time that all 270 stores are open in at least some capacity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when stores were forced to close for an indefinite period.

Apple shuttered all of its stores on March 13 last year and has opened and closed them ever since depending on local restrictions and COVID case rates.

Now, all stores are open as of the start of March, though there are still restrictions on what you can do inside of an Apple Store.

Only a handful of stores in the country are “fully open” with the rest now offering curbside pickups and storefront collections only – though at least consumers can now shop from a store.

The company began trialling curbside collection so that customers can order online and collect their new iPad, iPhone, or MacBook immediately. The service also extends to device repairs, with users able to drop off a device and receive a temporary replacement.

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