Almost Half of Galaxy Note 7 Owners to Switch to iPhone?

In the midst of the “explodegate” scandal that has beset Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone could be dumped by almost half of its current owners in favor of an iPhone, two polls suggest.

Samsung recently issued a recall of the Note 7 after numerous reports of the phone exploding during charging. And now, CNET reveals that, according to the combined results of two polls that it has conducted on Twitter, 48.5% of Note 7 owners intend to abandon the handset for an iPhone model.

30.5% of respondents said that they would simply exchange their phone for a new Note 7 and another 9.5% indicated their – rather worrying, in our view – intent to keep their current Note 7. The remaining 11.5% of respondents said that they would pick up a new phone other than a Note 7 or iPhone.

Overall, the figures are deeply concerning for Samsung. Losing half of its smartphone customers to Apple would be disastrous given the large customer base for the South Korean firm’s handsets, while CNET has further pointed out that Samsung could suffer damaged loyalty rates and profits for years.

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