Amazon and Google have more of a positive impact on society than Apple, according to new survey

A recent survey by SurveyMonkey asked people to vote on which tech company had the best impact on society. The companies voted for included Apple, Lyft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and many others.

In the Survey Amazon was voted the company to have the most positive impact by 20% of voters, with Google coming in second place with 15% and Apple coming third with 11%. Many participants of the survey actually opted to vote ‘none of the above’ to the options they were given.

So what does this mean in terms of companies reputation?

In regards to reputation Apple usually is thought of as the top company, due to their sleek and well-crafted products, their focus on education, environmental issues and their RED campaign supporting AIDs and HIV around the world. However, this survey could have been viewed on innovation and new technology which Apple actually falls behind on. Small bezels, iris and face scanning and many other ‘new’ features from Apple have often already been done by the likes of Samsung and other companies.

Facebook fell directly behind Apple with 10% of votes, This is shocking due to the recent Cambridge Analytica incident and Mark Zuckerburgs hearing. Companies that were just behind Apple and Facebook included Microsoft and Tesla.


So what does this mean in terms of competition between the top three tech giants? Apple, Amazon, and Google all have one thing in common, AI. This year the consumer market for Artifical intelligence has grown rapidly. It began to rise with Amazon’s Alexa, then Google Home and then Apple with HomePod. Each device offers something different whether that be sound quality, quality of the assistant and what it can do with your smart home devices.

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