Amazon Prime users can now buy and rent content on iOS

Amazon has confirmed that its Prime Video customers on iOS can now rent and purchase content using an Amazon account, without having to go through the Apple payment gateway.

Customers are now able to rent movies and TV shows directly within the app, with Apple now allowing them to bypass the Apple ecosystem and use their own payment system, a landmark case signaling a change of direction for Apple, who has been strict on the issue.

When users open the Prime Video app, they’ll be presented with a new promotion letting customers know they can “Browse, rent, or buy movie releases, popular TV shows and movie, within the app,” with Amazon charging to their credit card on file, rather than going through the App Store and having to pay Apple a 30% cut of all profits.

Apple’s prohibitive cut has caused controversy in the industry, with companies like Netflix and Spotify removing the option to subscribe within the app. YouTube, on the other hand, passes on the 30% cost to the consumer, with YouTube Premium subscriptions costing more on iOS than they do on a desktop to compensate.

Before today, Amazon didn’t allow customers to rent or purchase movies, TV shows, and other content from the Prime Video app, directing people to a web browser to make their purchase instead.

Now, a new deal with Apple has made it possible for Amazon to offer its great content through a more convenient user experience, benefiting everyone involved.

According to Bloomberg, Amazon joins Apple’s “existing program” of “premium video apps” which can bypass the Apple Store and use their own payment methods over in-app purchases.

Other brands include Altice One, Canal+ and Disney+, which launched in the United States in November and in several European markets in March.

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