Amazon Taking Shots at iPad Mini With Comparison List

It seems that the battle for miniature tablet supremacy is heating up, specifically between Amazon and Apple, although it’s important to note in this scenario that Amazon is the only one really “battling” and Apple hasn’t yet responded to the company’s claims. But that hasn’t stopped Amazon execs from taking a few pot shots at Apple’s new iPad Mini. This news comes from a rather interesting bulleted list that has made its way onto the Amazon web store. This particular list outlines the comparisons between the iPad Mini (or what it’s lacking) against both models of the new Kindle Fire HD.

This list also comes at a curious time, considering that Amazon just posted some less than flattering numbers concerning its profits this last quarter. This last threemonth span has been less than nice to Amazon, with the group seeing a USD $270 million net loss. That’s an astoundingly large number, even for a company that has their hands in a little bit of everything. But the bigger news is perhaps why Amazon chose this of all times to take a strike at the iPad Mini. Regardless of the timin, it does show a rather feisty fighting spirit.

But is Amazon focusing heavily on the wrong competition? Many individuals are questioning why Amazon chose to go after the iPad Mini as its biggest potential threat, rather than the Google Nexus 7. After all, the Nexus 7 shares a price point that is closest to that of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 7-inch version and also features an impressive display. Analysts suggest that Amazon may have done this comparison on purpose because its device looks “superior” in comparison to the iPad Mini, but not so much so next to the Google Nexus 7.

Regardless of the reasoning, it’s starting to look like the “mini tablet” wars are heating up. It will be very interesting to see if Apple answers this “list” in the coming months or if execs with the Nexus 7 will create some kind of comparison list themselves. Who knows, we could start to see a serious battle erupt between Apple and Amazon. One thing is for sure though; the more these companies battle one another, the more the consumer tech world benefits.

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