An exploration into Apple user loyalty

I am not an Apple user. Whenever I am in a discussion with an Apple user, the majority viciously defend the brand, berating the android devices I use with an almost rehearsed argument. The consumers become the advertiser and argue why I should buy an Iphone or a MacBook.

What is it that ignites this loyalty?

One very big reasons is the eco-system created by Apple, which guarantees simplicity and convenience.
What is created and saved on an Ipad can easily be accessed on a MacBook or Apple TV, which makes the swap between technology simple; users have calendars, emails and notes linked on all devices, a feature not yet available with other companies.
On a Reddit forum one Apple user states:
‘Switching is a pain. I can’t imagine people switching from iPhone to Android and back every year or other year. Playlists lost. Formats incompatible. It’s easier to stay with one.’ Eriamjh1138

Another feature is the privacy and security Apple provides, with the finger touch unlock to the lack of viruses. Other window laptops are more prone to viruses whereas the Macbook is longer lasting and safer to use.
‘Initially, it was the ecosystem and things “just working”. Recently, however, it is their renewed interest and commitment to privacy. Because they are not an advertising company, their primary interest isn’t collecting as much information about the user as possible in order to sell it. They also refuse to limit or break their own security features at the behest of law enforcement’ judgedeath2

One of the other huge factors in Apple loyalty is the amazing designs. When I say design, yes, I commend the contemporary physical design. However, what I am actually referring to is the hardware and software design. The Mac is built for work and work it does, with a high long lasting performance. It is the little touches that we overlook, but when you switch from an Android to Iphone you notice how there is no home screen, that extra few seconds of gaining access to your apps is appreciated.

‘Hardware and software is done all by Apple. Absolutely beautiful attention to detail with their products and the boxes too. For the most part, things just work. Simple to use products, blind people, elderly, disabled, little kids can use all their products within like 10mins if that. My boss has an Android phone and I look at it and have no idea where to start, plus it just looks really cluttered and unattractive. Apple is just perfect to me for the most part’.- Anonymous

Communication is stellar too. After joining the Apple world I noticed that communication was made easier, iMessage and FaceTime were easily setup and there was no need to download additional apps to communicate with friends and family members from various locations.

If I were to break my screen on an Apple product there is no hesitation on where I’d go to get it fixed, there is an abundance of Apple stores. It would be naive of me not to regard another factor which benefits the Apples renowned sales; blind loyalty. These are the people who like belonging to the brand and will not consider an alternative phone or tablet on the market. Who can blame them? Apple are consistently and enticingly adding and updating new feature such as the new MacBook with the touch bar above the keyboard, once again for simpler use and the rumoured wireless charging, suggesting that they are always two steps ahead.

Written by Sarah Zafar

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